little girl inside me

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January, 2018

Resolution Festival 2018, The Place


Written and Directed by Marie Yagami, with choreography by Amelia Griffin and Kaho Kuroki this piece is a physical theatre performance which explores themes of healing and transformation from past trauma via choreographed movement, voiceover, video-mapping, music and lighting.

It’s 1995 at 5:47am in Kobe, Japan. A 10 year old girl boards a train, and witnesses The Great Hanshin/Kobe earthquake. The experience of seeing her community in wreckage, houses on fire, and the impact of death on a large-scale has seen her grow into an adult with residual pain in her heart, and a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through dance, voice, music and video mapping this story visualises the psychological state of the woman, and her development towards healing.

The 2015 version of this work was presented at Marie Yagami's finale show at Central St. Martin's in London, UK. The following presentation in 2017 was through IJAD Dance Company's Open Online Theatre; an online live-feed rehearsal and presentation space. In 2018, Marie Yagami brought Canadian Amelia Griffin, and Japanese Kaho Kuroki choreographers together to blend dance styles and aesthetics to present as a part of The Place's 'Resolution 2018', the UK's top emerging, and new dance festival.